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Core instructional hours for full day programs are from 8:00 am - 3:00 pm. 

Full day program tuition includes before and after care from 6:30am - 6:00pm.

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Early Development is Fundamental to the Growth of your child. Our school uses Creative Curriculum combined with Teaching Strategies Gold and Tadpoles.

We have programs for children birth through Preschool.  Our programs align with the Arizona Infant and Toddler Guidelines and the Arizona Early Learning Standards

Alignment to the Arizona standards offers a consistent continuum of learning that supports Arizona's College and Career Readiness Standards for Kindergarten and beyond. 

Every child in our program is an individual, with different interests, skills, strengths, and needs. Our goal is to get to know as much as possible about each and every child so that we can guide learning and plan experiences that are just right. To do this, we use an authentic, ongoing, observation-based assessment system to gather information on each child’s development and learning called Teaching Strategies Gold.

In order to insure that your child is prepared for the next stages of learning we work by some important guiding principles.  These are that young children learn through active exploration, and that children's learning is based on prior knowledge and experiences that are constructed through play experiences. 

Children will be the most successful when their environment and experiences intentionally support the following concentration areas:
Social and Emotional Development - Social and emotional development affects children's development and abilities to learn in other areas.  Through teacher guidance and intentionally designed classroom management tools Shining Stars helps children develop the following key skills:
Self awareness
Self regulation
Positive relationships with peers and adults


Language Development - Children develop and acquire new language and the ability to successfully communicate with others at a young age.  At Shining Stars we use teachers as a facilitator for children's language development.  Teachers will intentional design and scaffold children's language to help develop the following key skills:
Listening and understanding
Communication skills
Emergent Literacy


Cognitive Development - Children develop new skills, knowledge and the ability to acquire and process new information through play and interactions with peers, adults and their environment. Children develop new skills and knowledge and have ability to acquire and process new information through play and interactions with others and their environment.  At Shining stars we use our classroom environments as one of the key tools to helping children develop the following skills:

Exploration and Inquiry
Problem solving skills
Short and long term memory


Physical and Motor Development - Children develop physical and motor skills as well as develop a sense of health and well being.  Key skills that they will develop at Shining Stars include:
Gross Motor Skills
Fine Motor Skills (pre-writing skills)
Physical health and well being skills


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